Superfast broadband for all by 2015

by Sarah Steel

For businesses today, the need for a presence on the internet is becoming increasingly unavoidable. However, for some businesses simply accessing the internet from their offices is still not possible. So businesses in these so-called “not-spots” will be delighted to hear today’s announcement of plans to facilitate super-fast broadband to every community in the UK by 2015. Indeed, so too will those of us who already have access to broadband, but at significantly slower than “super-fast” speeds (benchmarked at 24 mega bits per second).

But 2015 still seems like a very long way off in a technology area that is changing so rapidly, so will these changes come soon enough to make a difference? The previous government had pledged to get 2Mbps broadband to everyone by 2012, and although this speed is comparatively slow next to the speeds achievable today, there are undoubtedly some who would rather have had this slower access as quickly as possible rather than have to potentially wait an extra three years. And the government is still not “hanging its hat” on the actual speed that will be available to all by 2015, although they have indicated in the past that 2Mbps might similarly be their minimum acceptable rating.

If you work in a “not-spot”, you’re sceptical about the real value behind these promises, or you still think the internet is an overhyped waste of time and government money would be better spent elsewhere, I would be intrigued to hear your thoughts.

Click this link for more details of the plans announced today:

And if you want to support Suffolk in our local quest for improved internet availability, please click here to add your name to the Better Broadband for Suffolk campaign:

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