If you’re struggling to get followers for your Twitter account, it may well be something to do with your bio. Your bio is the written part of your profile, where you get to sum up yourself or your company in just 160 characters. We don’t all find it easy to convey that we are relaxed-but-professional, witty-but-intelligent, passionate-but-rational, informative-but-not-spammy, with nothing more than a handful of words and single image. But failing to take the time to craft an effective bio can scupper your chances of Twitter success right from the start, because if people don’t take to you in the few seconds it takes to glance at your profile, they’re unlikely to follow you. And if they don’t follow you, logically they have almost zero chance of ever seeing the amazing message that you have to share with them. So do them a favour and follow the steps below!

So, what does make a great Twitter bio?

If you are a solopreneur, I highly recommend you use a personal photo and bio, rather than a logo and corporate tagline. The actual content of your Twitter bio will vary slightly depending on whether your profile is for an individual, or for a larger company, but the essence remains the same.

Start with your customer

As always, start by thinking about who you’re talking to. So get your Customer Profile in front of you, and remind yourself what they are interested in. If, for example, you know that your target audience are interested in local news and events, keep this in mind.

Then answer these simple questions. Just write down key words to start with, and if you really can’t think of anything, move on. Your bio won’t include everything you come up with, but this exercise will help to focus your ideas and pick out the best ones. We’re aiming for a good balance. So here goes:

What do you LOVE?

This could be anything from football, food or shopping through to your wife/husband/kids/mum, but giving an insight into your passion will immediately spark people’s interest. If you share a passion with your target audience, remember to include it! And don’t think this doesn’t apply if you are a brand or company rather than an individual; think about your brand values.

What makes you PROUD?

Again, the scope here is huge, but could include awards your company has won, challenges you have overcome, targets you have achieved or experiences you hold dear.

What do you DO?

This ought to be the easy bit… but sometimes it isn’t. This really just needs to be a couple of words about the industry you are in (e.g. “consumer tech”), a simplified job title (e.g. “family law specialist”), or your current direction (e.g. “aspiring social entrepreneur”). Do mention it, but don’t go overboard!

How do you HELP?

Far more important than any job title, describe how what you do helps your target audience. Again, a few choice words are likely to be best e.g. “help to make cooking fast and fun”.

Where do you LIVE?

People looking at your bio will relate more closely with you if they are local to you, but they will also feel more connected just by knowing where you are – it makes you so much more “real”. If your Twitter profile is not representing an individual but a national company selling products, you’re not off the hook – mention that you are in the UK, or better still mention the specific town, area or community where you are based.

Then the easy bit!

Now you have all these great ideas, all you have to do is condense them in to 160 characters (yes, that’s characters, not words!). Some choose to simply provide a list of the key attributes that they’ve identified above (and this can work), whilst others will put together two or three sentences that bring them together. This your chance to convey your personality or brand persona, so how you choose to construct your bio is important – but with the key points listed, that bit shouldn’t now be too tricky.

I know that putting a bio together can be tough, so I do hope this helps. If you’ve got any questions, or would like to share your own bio to get some feedback, please do feel free to use the comments section below.


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